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About company

Priority Elevator, is a full-service elevator company that is dedicated to making quality service our #1 priority.

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Our services include elevator maintenance, modernization, inspections, repairs and new installations of all vertical transportation equipment including: commercial passenger and freight elevators, LULA elevators, escalators, handicapped accessibility lifts, stairway lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyors, and dumbwaiters.

Now providing elevator installation, modernization, and 24/7 service in the OBX (Outer Banks of North Carolina), Virginia Beach, Virginia’s Tidewater region. Call us for Commercial and Residential Elevator services in OBX and Virginia Beach.

Priority Elevator Company benefits includes:

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Our Elevator Experience

We currently employ over 30 elevator technicians who are members of the IUEC.

Our mechanics have experience maintaining, modernizing and installing all different makes and types of elevators and escalators. We hire and retain the best mechanics in the industry. They are committed to providing our customers with minimal downtime, a quick response time and safe, efficiently operating equipment in Avon, NC

Priority Elevator Company headquarters is located in Richmond, Virginia. The owners are 100% active within the company. By being a regionally owned company, we can react quickly to our customer’s needs and provide excellent, personable servicein your Avon, North Carolina OBX area.

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Elevator Products & Services

We pride ourselves in guaranteeing a 100% live answer rate whether calls are placed during normal business hours or after hours. Our mechanics are dispatched during the day by our service coordinator and during the off hours by our personalized answering service.

We specialize in the following residential elevator services:

  • Residental Elevators your home is a central part of the connection to family and your adventures. Why not enjoy them while going to the next level in your home.
  • Residential Dumbwaiters is ideal for transporting groceries from garage to kitchen, laundry from bedrooms to the utility room, bottles and cases from/to a wine cellar, and hauling firewood from ground level to your living space.
  • Vertical wheelchair lifts and inclined wheelchair lifts which meet all ADA requirements for commercial and residential installations.
1 Number, 1 Ring,
Live answer EVERYTIME!

(252) 955-7860

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  • Over 30 Mechanics on staff currently
    • LOCAL 51/52 – International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC)
  • Presently maintain all makes and models of vertical transportation equipment
  • Emphasis on structured MONTHLY service on all elevator and escalator equipment
  • Customized maintenance plans
    • Type and Age of equipment
    • OEM Specification and Recommendations
    • Environment - Building traffic flow and dependency on vertical transportation
    • Individual customer’s preferences and demands
  • Testing and Inspection – WE OWN THE SCHEDULE!
    • 3rd Party Inspection Companies: NEISDEISEEISE&F….
1 Number, 1 Ring,
Live answer EVERYTIME!

(252) 955-7860

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  • Install only NON-PROPRIETARY elevator equipment and controls
  • Offer FREE design assist consulting on design builds
    • ALWAYS with the owner, end user, and future operation / MAINTENANCE cost in mind
  • Excellent working relationships with all General Contractors
  • #1 Priority for ALL New installations:
    • Deliver products on schedule – handed over on time, the first time!
Contracting Partners
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  • OVER 100 YEARS of In house MOD Estimating and Project Management experience
  • We install only NON-PROPRIETARY elevator equipment and controls
    • #1 distributor of MCE Elevator Controls in the Mid Atlantic
  • Specialize in "CUSTOM" elevator projects
Major Customers
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We currently have accounts with all major suppliers. We can obtain nearly any part for your equipment overnight through subsidiary parts companies of the major elevator manufacturers and independent elevator parts suppliers. We own or have access to diagnostic tools for troubleshooting nearly all makes and models of elevators.

For sourcing parts that are not readily available on the open market (due to obsolescence, no longer in production, etc.), we often pull from our warehouse stock (14,000 sqft warehouse in Richmond) or utilize certified refurbishing and part machining partners.

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Whether you need a new elevator system, repairs to an existing one, or simply a second opinion, please don't hesitate to call us. We will put our decades of wisdom and experience to work for you.

Bodie Island Lighthouse in OBX
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