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Priority Elevator Company is a Richmond based, locally owned, locally operated company. The owners are local and 100% active in the company.

Priority Elevator not only brings know-how and experience but it brings familiar friendly faces; our active employees have worked with most of the major accounts in the central Virginia Area throughout their careers within the elevator industry. We have strategically assembled an experienced team over the last decade, and we actively strive to support that team by providing an excellent, family oriented, work place environment.

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Veteran owned company – Vietnam Era

Principal Officers

Stephen Burnett

Stephen C. Burnett is a Vietnam War time era Veteran and is the current Owner/CEO of W & H Resources - established in 1985. Mr. Burnett has been a major influence in the elevator industry for over 49 years. Mr. Burnett is the former owner of Wingfield and Hundley Elevator Company, formerly headquartered in Richmond Virginia and was known as the largest independent elevator company in central Virginia with a family of approximately 50 employees.

William L. Amiss

Priority Elevator’s Owner/President William L. Amiss, known to most as W.L, has been in the elevator industry for over 31 years. W.L began in the elevator industry in 1989 with Wingfield & Hundley Elevator CO. and in his 15 years with them accomplished the position of Elevator Maintenance Foreman. After the sale of Wingfield & Hundley in 2004, W.L. continued his career with Otis Elevator Company performing duties as Field Maintenance Foreman, Lead Troubleshooter, Field Technical Support contact for the Southern Region, and Maintenance and Repair Supervisor.

MOD & Construction

Andy Bruckner
Vice President
Rhonda Worrell
Executive Assistant


Josie Greene
Office Manager
Chris Worley
Sr. Service Account Manager
Tristan O'Neil
Warehouse Coordinator

Finance, Accounting & Administrative

Charlotte Lange
Assistant Controller (A/P)
Kerrie Platt
Assistant Controller (A/R)
Kristina Daniel
Administrative Assistant

With Over 25 Elevator Technicians to get the job done

Safety Report

  • Experience Modification Rate (EMR)
    • 2016-2017 → 0.82
    • 2017-2018 → 0.81
    • 2018-2019 → 0.80
    • 2019-2020 → 0.81
    • 2020-2021 → 0.81
  • OSHA 502 Certified Elevator Mechanic on staff!
  • All Priority Elevator Mechanics are DPOR certified
  • All Priority Elevator Mechanics are IUEC trained and operate daily under stringent IUEC safety protocol

Company Creditials

  • Class A Contractor, EEC ELE, #2701023939
  • Federal ID # 54-1334476
  • Business License # 8233-9120-2204
  • DMBE # 692109
  • Dunn & Bradstreet # 058209891


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